TCD 12.0/13.5

10.TCD_12.0_L6_IND_front_l_top.jpg Product news from DEUTZ

The new DEUTZ TCD 9.0 forms part of a new family of Engines together with the TCD 12.0 (400 kW / 2,500 Nm) and the TCD 13.5 (450 kW / 2,800 Nm) six-cylinder in-line engines, it considerably extends even further the upper end of the DEUTZ power range. The family platform concept has a standardised customer interface and an identical front and back, considerably simplifying the tasks of integrating and maintaining the engines.

The proportion of common parts is approximately 65 percent which reduces servicing complexity and optimises inventory holdings. In future, the 620 kW TCD 18.0 six-cylinder in-line engine, which generates 3,600 Nm of torque, will occupy the upper end of the DEUTZ power range. Series production of all four engines will be launched in 2019 in time for EU Stage V. With these engines, DEUTZ is specifically catering for heavy-duty construction equipment and agricultural machinery with high output and torque requirements.

The new engines are equipped with highly advanced technologies including crossflow cylinder heads, a downspeeding function for reducing fuel consumption and working noise levels plus a common rail system operating at an injection pressure of 2,200 bar. Up to 100 per cent power take-off is possible both at the belt and the flywheel side.